Mum of 11 shares how she keeps kids together on family outings: 'Constantly keeping track'

Picture: Instagram
Picture: Instagram 

If you've ever struggled to wrangle your own kids on a family outing, then spare a thought for this mum of 11

Britni Church, who at just 32 is pregnant with baby number 12, shared how she manages to keep track of her large brood while on trips to the zoo on TikTok. 

Visiting Oklahoma City Zoo, Britni and husband Chris, 29, showed how they keep a headcount of everyone, which includes Britni's five elder children from her first marriage Crizman, 16, Jordan, 14, Caleb, 13, Jace 12 and Candence, 10. 

As well as Jessalyn, eight and her and Chris' kids Silas, five, Christopher three and triplets Asher, Oliver and Abel, one. 

Sharing three clips from the visit - the first asking each child what they were excited to see, she got squeals from the triplets, a mix of giraffes, tigers and lions from the middle kids and in typical teenage style, stone cold silence from the eldest, who looked unimpressed about being filmed. 

Jace even went as far as to joke he was excited to see 'nothing'. 

In the third clip, Britni explained how she and Chris ensured all the kids stayed with them throughout the visit, saying how the youngest were either pushed around in a wagon, or held on to the side as they walked.

"​Yes, we're constantly keeping track of everybody," she said in the clip, "especially when it's crowded like it was yesterday".


"Generally the little ones will hold on to the wagon, like Silas and Christopher are in the wagon right now but most of the time they are walking and they either hold on to the wagon or hold my hand," she continued.

"Silas was ready to go ... as you can tell, he was done with the zoo for the day".

The triplets were also seen enjoying the day in their own way, 'hollering' in unison as they were shown the animals.

"Asher and Oliver and Abel were hollering like a siren coming through - it was funny so I was recording it," Britni said.

While the middle kids - Jesalyn and Candence don't need to be watched as closely, Britni said she also does regular head counts. 

The mum regularly posts updates on life with a large family, including how she fits the brood in the family car and how they set up the kids bedrooms. 

However Britni has had to defend her decision to have a large family, telling CafeMom last year they were 'just like everyone else'. 

"Instead of judging another mom for being different, try to celebrate that difference," she said of online hate she'd received, especially from people who assumed the family relied on welfare.

"Especially online. Find something kind to say. Or just refrain from hurtful words. Don't be so quick to judge someone who isn't exactly like you."

Britni has also previously said she would like to have 15 kids - despite her current eye-watering tally of 600 nappies per week.