Mum of eight shares how she gets them all to sleep by 8pm: 'Are you guys all tired too?'

Picture: Instagram
Picture: Instagram 

If you're exhausted by your own bedtime routine, spare a thought for this mum of eight. 

Chloe Dunstan, from Perth, may only be 27, but she is already mum to Sylvie, Cosmo, Rufus, Hank, Pearl, Felix, Otto and Evan. 

After having three singleton bubs in three years, Chloe and her husband Rohan went on to have triplets, before twins joined the family in October. 

Despite the huge clan, the mum says she has her nighttime routine down to a fine art and has all of them successfully in bed and asleep by 8pm. 

But it's not always easy. As she shared in a recent YouTube video, the bedtime prep can begin as early as 4.30pm.  

Filming herself walking through the house, Chloe shows how the older kids begin to pack away their toys while the twins take their last nap of the day and she preps dinner.

In this case a veggie loaded pasta with textured vegetable protein (TVP) and vegan cheese. 

"The babies have a nap in their rockers, while the others do some tidying up," she explains. 


"At the same time, I'll cook the dinner for the kids."

After they've eaten - the kids remarkably all appearing to enjoy the meal without fuss, they begin to take turns to have a shower or bath, while Chloe gives the twins their bottle. 

Then it's time for the twin's bath in the kitchen sink and then the older kids - all dressed in matching pyjamas, brush their hair and teeth before she reads them a book.

Chloe then puts the triplets Hank, Pearl and Rufus to bed and says goodnight, before the three eldest, Evan, Otto and Felix are left to read their books before sleep. 

Then twins are cuddled until they fall asleep, before Chloe puts them in a shared cot and spends an hour watching TV with Rohan. 

"It's definitely gotten easier over the years with the night-time routine as all bar the twins can now dress themselves," she shared.

"With the triplets there for a bit when they were young, it was a lot of work. But I think with big families you have to do whatever works for you."