'My husband has a favourite child and I refuse to lie about it'

The father admitted to having a favourite child.
The father admitted to having a favourite child.  Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Although people speculate about their parents having a favourite child, rarely does a parent actually admit it. Except in this case.

One woman's husband has made it clear he is more fond of one child over another, understandably upsetting his other children.

Writing on Reddit, his wife said that when she met her husband, he had a 15-year-old daughter from a previous relationship. While he said his child was easy to get along with, he also admitted she was "ridiculously spoilt".

"His daughter's mother had some mental issues and he was a single dad for most of her childhood," she explained.

Soon after meeting, he'd said he didn't want any more kids but after the woman made it clear that would be a deal-breaker, he reconsidered and she gave birth to their daughter when his eldest daughter was 17.

"I was shocked at how jealous she was," the woman admitted about the teenager.

"He made it his priority to reassure her that she was always going to be the important one," she wrote, saying they had another child when her stepdaughter went to college and by that stage she wasn't jealous at all.

"But he still made a big production of loving her more," the frustrated mother wrote.

"Right now, our kids are 13 and 15, and my stepdaughter is 32, married with kids, but it is still pretty clear that he favours her," she said, saying he recently admitted he has a difficult time talking to his other daughters, because they're "too emotional".


Things came to a boiling point when he was visiting his eldest daughter.

The woman said she refuses to lie for husband anymore.

The woman said she refuses to lie for husband anymore. Photo: Getty Images

"We weren't invited because she hates our 13-year-old," she said, admitting that although their daughter did go through a phase of acting out they have it under control through therapy and discipline.

"I said he shouldn't go see his daughter because it's  rude to exclude his wife and kids," she wrote. "He said he doesn't care if she is rude, she's still his daughter."

The mum said in the past she's made excuses for him if her children had accused him of having a favourite but has now decided enough is enough.

"We FaceTimed today and my 13-year-old made a comment about my stepdaughter being his favourite and I just said I'm sorry honey," she said.

"When the kids got off the phone, he got mad at me for not correcting her but I said I'm not going to lie about it anymore. He has admitted to me in private that she is his favourite, but he says it's not his fault and he can't control how he feels," she finished the post.

Reddit users were quick to call out the woman's husband, saying he needs to "grow up".

"He likely feels that as a single parent of his other daughter for so long he has to 'make up for' the missing parent, but that doesn't mean he should so clearly have a favourite," one user wrote.

"The part that confuses me is that the he was on the call too," questioned another. "Why didn't HE correct her? He couldn't even be bothered to tell his 13-year-old daughter he loves her equally and he's mad at his wife for not doing it for him."