Adorable five-year-old gives her chicken a makeover

A little girl gives her chicken some extra special attention.
A little girl gives her chicken some extra special attention. Photo: Facebook

A Brazilian five-year old is taking the Internet by storm for the most adorable reason.

The youngster, who lives on a farm, used a pink brush and comb to groom a chicken and talked to her feathered friend about showering in the rain.

Her mum, Flavia Leão, who captured the moment on camera, said she was giving the chicken a "pretend makeover" while it was raining outside.

In the video, which has since been viewed on Facebook eight million times, the adorable five-year-old can be heard saying that the chicken had already had a shower because it was raining.

"Do you always shower in the rain?" she asks the chicken.

She then ponders whether she should give the chicken another shower, but concludes that would be ridiculous.

"My mum never gives me two showers!" she tells the chicken.  

Leão, who is a full-time relationship coach and farm owner, told BuzzFeed news that all her animals are treated like family members, especially by the kids.


"My animals are all treated like sons," she said (translated from Portuguese). She also noted that the chickens are receptive and "meek."

Leão said that she is astonished that the video has gone viral. "I just can't believe it yet," she said.  

"We go to the farm every weekend, and every animal has a name. That's normal for me!