Adorable new dog breed you will want to welcome into your family

Photo: Instagram/veronicapalmius
Photo: Instagram/veronicapalmius 

In news bound to delight dog-lovers, The American Kennel Club has officially introduced the 190th recognised breed: the Pumi. 

Even the name is cute, but just wait until you see the pictures.

According to the AKC, the Pumi is "energetic, lively and ready to work with cattle and pigs as well as sheep." They have terrier-like characteristic but a temperament more like a herding dog: intelligent and eager to please.

Pumik are best suited to an active family. Grooming is minimal, (they need to be combed out every few weeks) but they do require training and exercise. They're born black but fade to grey and are good with children - as long as they're raised with them.

Most importantly, though, they're downright ADORABLE.

Take a look:


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You can find more information about the breed here.

And watch a video about Pumik here.