Bowser the Texas librarian cat is being evicted from his home

Bowser the Texas librarian Cat is being forced out of his home.
Bowser the Texas librarian Cat is being forced out of his home. Photo: Instagram/@wslibrary

Meet Browser the cat, the beloved library employee with a proud six-years of service, who has suddenly found himself out of a job.

The White Settlement Public Library in Texas adopted Browser from a local animal shelter in October 2010. The furry member of staff was originally hired to help with the library's rodent problem, reports ABC News

Browser quickly became the library's mascot and, according to its website, enjoys lounging across computer keyboards when visitors are attempting to work, and attending some of the library-run classes. The clever feline was even awarded an honorary diploma.

"Despite the fact that one of his favourite activities is to pounce out the front doors whenever someone comes to visit, we know he loves his home here and all the love and attention he gets from his fans!" the site reads. 

Who would sack such a loveable, helpful and intelligent creature? On June 14, the city council voted to remove Browser from the library, advising that animals are no longer permitted in city facilities. And they gave Browser just 30 days to find a new home.

That's right – they're evicting the beloved animal from his house of books. And firing him from his duties as chief rodent catcher.

White Settlement Mayor, Ron White, says the ruling came "seemingly out of nowhere." And he's not happy.

"He helps children read," White says. "Little children will come into the library and they'll read to Browser."

"Browser meets us at the door when we come to the library," six-year-old Jake told News Fix.


"We like Browser a lot cause he's such a cute cat and we like petting him and reading books with him," added 10-year-old Lilly. 

White intends to challenge the decision at the next city council meeting on July 12, just days before Browser needs a new home.

And he's not the only person fighting the ruling. The Mayor has been inundated with emails from people all over the county, who are upset with the decision. petition has already garnered over 10,000 signatures in support of the library mascot– a number expected to grow before the July meeting. 

"I think it was a suspicious motion to begin with, and I don't have a good answer for it but I don't support it," White said. "I think Browser should stay right where he is."

Browser is the undisputed star of the library's instagram page where his fans are writing messages of support.

I'm #teamBrowser," reads one comment.

"I have never been to White Settlement, Texas, but I would come down there and protest/build a Browser mini library cat house if not for my job," says another. "Heck, I'll even bring my 4 cats so we can all protest. Cats always win because they are cats."

We're definitely #teamBrowser here, too