Dad takes hardline stance on family pets: 'They didn't keep up their end of the promise'

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Picture: Getty Images 

Many a family pet has the pester power of kids to thank for being included in he mix. 

All the begging and pleading and promises they will take care of the pets can wear on a parent, until a new fur baby makes your home its forever home.

Or in the case of one dad on Reddit, a temporary home, thanks to his hardline stance when those cleaning and caring promises fell flat. 

The dad, posting under the name 'Annoyed and Tired', explained that he offloaded their new pets when he was left to look after them. 

The 37-year-old, who has a son, 12 and daughter, 10 said he initially refused to let his kids have pets, but relented when his wife also began begging for a cat. 

On the proviso he didn't have to lift a finger to care for it.

"After a while I agreed with a few ground rules that the kids and my wife would be the one caring for the cat because I didn't want one, and they happily agreed," he said.

"They went out to a rescue without me, and brought home, not one, but two cats without having consulted me. My wife told me that the cats were brothers and that they couldn't be separated and that the kids had fallen in love with them."

Continuing to say that the kids were initially enthusiastic about looking after them, his wife told him she was too busy with work and then the kids 'stopped playing with them' or cleaning the litter box.


"I repeatedly told them to do it, I told them that we weren't keeping the cats if they weren't being taken care of. They said okay but never did," he said.

"I have sat them all down and said that I wasn't about to take care of the cats for the next several years and that, if they didn't keep up their end of the promise, then I would get rid of the cats but the kids didn't listen and my wife said I was being too harsh."

After his sister mentioned she was looking for a new cat, the man decided he could solve both their problems by giving her the cats - without telling his family as they would only again 'make empty promises to care for the cats'. 

"Yesterday I packed the cats up and my wife came in and asked what I was doing. I told her. She got angry at me and started yelling about how I wasn't giving them (her and the kids) a chance and that I was being an a**hole," he said.

"I told her that I'd talked to them several times and they'd used up all their chances. She went and told the kids, and all three are mad at me now. Even the cats seem mad. Am I being unreasonable about this?"

Most users on Reddit supported his decision, saying he was the 'only adult' in the house and he'd given them plenty of warning.

"You literally sat them down and told them the cats were going if they didn't take care of them. Sounds like your wife and kids don't actually want a pet, they want a toy to play with until they get bored of it," argued one.

"It also sounds as if the cats are going to have a great life with his sister. It's not like he's dumping them in the streets. They're going to a far better home than with someone who resents them and three people who neglect them," said another.

However others argued the dad should have shown the kids how to care for them, rather than just parent by consequence. 

"It would have been very easy to ask your sister to give you two weeks, and then to tell your wife and kids, you have two weeks to turn things around, or the cats will become your cousins, not your furkids," said one.