Bear gives kids a cheeky nature lesson

This bear does not care.
This bear does not care. Photo: YouTube

Humans are just about the only animals on earth who demand privacy while toileting. Out there in the wider animal kingdom, it's open slather.

Four kids at a zoo in Grand Rapids, Michigan learnt just that in the most hilarious way when a huge bear showed them just how much he doesn't care.

A dad filmed the amusing encounter which starts off innocently enough, the kids assembled on one side of the safety glass watching the bear.

He posted, "My wife and I took our kids to the zoo after school the other day. We watched two grizzly bears lying on the rocks for at least 10 minutes. Finally, one got up and approached my kids at the glass viewing area. They were in awe!"

A woman off camera can be heard saying "Oh wow, so cute," as the bear observes the kids through the glass.

The bear must have heard this and decided to counter the perception.

Dad recounted, "Then the bear backed up to the glass and pooped right at my daughter's feet! The kids started screaming laughing. He definitely did this on purpose."

We agree. Watch it in action as it makes its feelings crystal clear.