Girl breaks down and cries happy tears when given puppy after six-year wait

Sweet moment of Colette with her much longed for puppy captured on film.
Sweet moment of Colette with her much longed for puppy captured on film. Photo: Caters News Agency

A nine-year-old girl has received a new furry best friend after a long six-year wait – and her reaction to the adorable puppy is pure joy.

Colette Francisco, of Town and Country, Missouri, was given the beautiful surprise on her birthday. After picking her up from art camp, Colette's mother Michelle, told her daughter they'd be celebrating her special day with cake and ice cream.

Instead, Michelle took Colette to the dog breeder's house and told her to close her eyes. As we can see in the video of the heartwarming moment, when the puppy is placed into her arms, the little girl is completely overwhelmed, bursting into tears and saying, "Please, tell me this is not a dream!"

"This is the best present ever," she adds.

"Colette was just overcome with emotion," Michelle told the Daily Mail, explaining that her daughter had been asking for a Shiba Inu since she was three years old.

"We made the critical parental error of telling her that when she turned six we'd buy her one," Michelle added. "Every year on her birthday she'd say "only two more years until I get a dog" and then "only one more year till I get a dog"

'In other words, she had not forgotten."

Michelle explained that life got in the way and consequently they were three years late on delivering their promise.

When Colette received her gift, Michelle described that her daughter wasn't the only one crying tears of joy. "There wasn't a dry eye in the house," she said.


Colette has named her new friend Wasabi and even wears a Shiba Inu locket around her neck.

'We've already made multiple trips to pet boutiques so she can browse the aisles and plot out her future puppy accessory purchases," said Michelle.

'She received money from several relatives for her birthday and wants to spend all of it on Wasabi.'

Watch Colette's heartwarming reaction below: