Girl's heartfelt reaction to new kitten has 33 million views

Marley's reaction to meeting her rescue kitten for the first time - priceless.
Marley's reaction to meeting her rescue kitten for the first time - priceless. Photo: Nikki Frost

When 9-year-old Pennsylvanian girl Marley Frost received a surprise gift of a rescue kitten, her reaction was priceless. Opening the door to her bedroom after school one day last August with her mother Nikki Frost filming behind her, the kitten can immediately be heard mewing from a large container by Marley's bed.

When it dawns on Marley that there is a kitten inside her face lights up momentarily, then she begins to cry, completely overwhelmed with joy. "Do we get to keep it?" she asks her mother while holding the animal close to her, not quite believing this is real.

It's a moment that would move even the most unemotional among us, with the video chalking up more than 33 million Facebook views in just a few weeks, with people all the world over tuning in to see Marley finally get her heart's desire of a little kitten to love.

Her mum's post, which was posted five months after the event, now has over 74,000 comments and 377,000 shares, making Marley's heartfelt reaction a viral sensation.

According to Sharon Herald, Marley had suffered the loss of her beloved cat Simon a year earlier and her mum Nikki had discovered a kitten who looked almost identical to Simon at the cat shelter.

The family posted another video in which Marley introduces her adorable and now much bigger kitten named Ella, and says thanks to all the lovely people who enjoyed her video so much. It appears Marley and her bestie Ella have well and truly hit the big time, starring on the front page news and being interviewed on TV.

It just goes to show, there is no better combination that sweet baby animals and adorable children.