Goldfish mum spends $500 on surgery to remove a lodged pebble

Lifesaving surgery was performed on a Brisbane woman's goldfish.
Lifesaving surgery was performed on a Brisbane woman's goldfish.  Photo: Facebook/Brisbane Bird and Exotics Veterinary Services

A 21-year-old Brisbane woman spent $500 on surgery to save her goldfish after her beloved pet choked on a pebble.

Concerned mum, Emma Marsh, rushed her little guy "Conquer" to Brisbane Bird and Exotics Veterinary on Saturday. After a physical exam, the vet reported via a Facebook post that Conquer had a black pebble stuck in the back of his throat.

"He was unable to dislodge it himself and needed some help!" the post reads.

To remove the  offending stone, poor one-year-old Conquer need to be anaesthetized. The vets dripped an anaesthetic agent down the goldfish's throat until he was sleepy enough for a good look inside his mouth. "You can see the black colour in the back of his mouth is a pebble which is lodged quite firmly!" they wrote.

The vets inserted some instruments into a sleeping Conquer's mouth. They then grasped the pebble and were able to slowly remove it. "Big pebble for a little goldfish to try to eat," they noted, advising that Conquer weighs a tiny 13grams.

Here's vet, Dr Emma, holding the pebble:


Post surgery, Conquer was transferred to a recovery tank containing clean water free from anesthetic. In a stable condition, he was allowed to go home the following day. There's nothing quite like being back in your own tank.

The procedure reportedly cost Ms Marsh $500. 

A spokesperson from the centre told BuzzFeed that Conquer was lucky to have such an observant mum. "Had she not noticed the subtle changes in her pet, he surely would have starved." 

"Is this the oddest surgery you've had to perform?" wrote one commenter on the vet's Facebook page. "The owner must have really loved their goldfish."

"I love that both the owners and BBEV believe that the life of "just a goldfish" is worth saving. Blessings to you, you've made my day," wrote another.