Little girl takes sick hamster to vet, 'diagnosis' is hilarious

 Photo: Getty Images

A little girl concerned for the welfare of her beloved hamster, received quite the surprise "diagnosis" when she visited the vet with her furry friend last week.

In a post to Twitter, the vet student's sister, Kat, shared the tale - and strap yourself in because it's a good one.

Allow me to set the scene.

Our hero, the young hamster owner, is worried about her pet. It's been three days and he hasn't moved at all in his cage. He's remained in the one spot, not eating and not drinking.

Concerned, the little girl visits the vet where she's asked if anything might have happened to said hamster that would explain his lack of appetite - and stationary behaviour.

"He escaped for a bit" she said, adding that they eventually located the poor little dude, taking refuge under the fridge.

The vet then examines the hamster. Hamster is - strangely - fine. He walks around, has something to eat and quenches his (no doubt) considerable thirst. He's A-OK. Which, as our narrator, Kat, tells us, is "really weird" given his behaviour over the three days prior.

And then they spot it - something hidden in the little guy's cheek pouch.

A fridge magnet.  Yep, a magnet consumed on his brief vacation under the fridge. And thus, the only thing wrong with the poor hamster is that he had a fridge magnet in his cheek - and consequently, was stuck to his metal cage.


Kat's tweet has since gone viral, shared over 140,000 times. 

 There are bad puns aplenty:

And some other funny hamster stories to boot:

Hopefully the little guy is recuperating well, re-hydrating and chowing down on some top quality carrots after such a harrowing ordeal.