Little girl's amazing bond with pet duck

Snowflake the duck dresses as Olaf for Halloween.
Snowflake the duck dresses as Olaf for Halloween. Photo: WRAL TV/screengrab

Five-year-old Kylie Brown has owned dogs, and even a couple of gerbils, but when her mum brought home a pet duck, the bond between the little girl and her unlikely pet was instant. 

Kylie's mum, Ashley Brown, says she was not expecting the "little yellow fur ball", named Snowflake, to have such a big impact on her daughter's life.  

MUST WATCH: A girl's friendship with a pet duck is turning heads in her hometown in Maine. When asked how 'Snowflake' got his name, 5-year-old Kylie Brown says "um, when he was like zero year's old I named him."

Posted by WRAL TV on Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Ashley told WRAL TV: "It was kind of on a whim that we brought him home and I thought it's a farm animal, it lives outside, you feed it and maybe you get some eggs from it, I don't know."

"He went everywhere she went and he was quiet, and if she went missing, he would squawk and panic," she added. 

And though Ashley has seen her daughter love many household animals, she told the viral news site she has never seen any of them love her back like Snowflake does. 

Together, Kylie and Snowflake like to play at the beach and swing on swings. Snowflake even finished off Kylie's Halloween costume, dressing as Olaf.

"She [Kylie] has become very responsible she takes very good care of him," said Ashley.

"He's family, he's definitely family."