Mum has no idea what the family dog looks like - Twitter splits its sides laughing


Mums have a lot on their minds, it's true. But do you know what your pets look like? One son recently shared his mum's confusion over their family dog, and Twitter can't stop laughing.

"Yesterday I learned that my mom has no idea what our dog looks like," tweeted Jeff Squires. In a screenshot of their text message exchange, we see Jeff's mother asking if their dog "Dewy" is home. Jeff says he's at Guitar Centre, so he's not sure. His mum then says she thinks he's gone missing.

Jeff's mum saw a photo on Facebook of a dog that was found wandering in the area, and she became concerned about poor old Duey (yes, she even spelt the poor dog's name wrong too). Jeff was quick to tell his mum that dog definitely isn't Duey.

The fact that the found dog is some kind of golden retriever mix, and Duey is clearly a Jack Russell terrier could have something to do with it. Jeff was quick to point out to his mum this can't be their dog, because Duey's face is brown.

Jeff then shared the exchange on Twitter, which is when things really kicked off, with Twitter users laughing their heads off at poor Mum.

And of course it didn't take long for people to really take this ball and run with it – with plenty of tweets offering to help find "missing" Duey.

Even Guitar Centre joined in the fun.


And another Twitter user showed Jeff he wasn't alone, with evidence of another parent confused about the family pet.

But at least Jeff's mum provided some laughs for the Twitterverse, with the post attracting over 200,000 retweets and nearly 600,000 likes. And last we heard, Duey was home safe.