Schoolgirl writes six page report to convince parents to get a cat

 Photo: Getty Images

My kids are currently at me to get a dog. And because I've shown weakness in the guise of saying that I love dogs and would love to get a dog some day, now they harangue me on a daily basis.

"Can we get a dog, Mum?"

"Look at that dog, Mum, isn't it cute?"

"When are we going to get a dog, Mum?"

"Mum, can we name our dog Cutey McStuffins?" (No, no we cannot.)

But if my kids were as organised as one US 11-year-old, I think I would be in big trouble. Romesa really wants a cat. Big sister Rimsha also wanted a cat but recently went away to college – never realising her dream.

Sure, the girls had fish and birds, but everyone knows they aren't real pets. They don't sit on your lap and purr while you watch TV. They don't lie across your feet and keep you warm in bed.

Now Romesa has taken up the mantle and is determined to convince her parents to get a cat. Her latest effort is a 6-page report entitled "Why I would love a cat, Benefits of cats, and fixing problems".


Romesa knows her dad likes reports, so she used the internet to research all the information she needed to draft a convincing argument. She told Buzzfeed, "I thought I would write a report about a cat because that's what I really want."

And she didn't muck around; some of her arguments are pretty epic. Did you know cats can warn you about seizures? They're great for kids and there are so many shelters looking for good homes for cats. She even said that having a cat would reduce her reliance on electronics (well played, kid). Romesa even managed to incorporate her family's religion into her argument, writing, "Prophet Muhammed always fed cats and helped them out, because he knew they were kind and clean animals."

And not to be over-dramatic, Romesa explained, "I just really want a cat because it would change my life."

And although she couldn't sway her parents on the cat issue, big sister Rimsha has Romesa's back, sharing her report on Twitter to garner public support for the project.