Teen replaces sister's goldfish with carrots and she's none the wiser

Imposter carrots have replaced a girl's 'precious' pets, but she hasn't noticed anything amiss.
Imposter carrots have replaced a girl's 'precious' pets, but she hasn't noticed anything amiss. Photo: Samuel Annis/Twitter

This has to be the most hilarious sibling prank we've seen in a while - and it definitely opens that whole can of worms about kids promising to look after their pets as they endlessly beg for them. 

On March 5, big brother Samuel Annis tweeted a photo of a tank with baby carrots sitting in the bottom.

Alongside was a picture of his sister's actual fish - no longer residing in her tank, and in a container that it can be assumed was used to transport them in. 

Accompanying the photos was the caption, "It's been 3 days since I replaced my sisters goldfish with carrot's [sic]".

Predictably, people were immediately concerned for the welfare of the fish, but Samuel reported, "They are safe in my tank where they get fed regularly", followed by a picture of the fish happy and healthy and in a place that's "better than before".

Just like the pregnant giraffe lady, people are glued to Annis' Twitter feed for the latest update on whether his sister has discovered the ruse. As time went on without her realising she had new vegetable pets, one commenter joked, "She doesn't carrot all about her fish."

The prank has been retweeted more than 68,000 times, with no word yet on whether she has realised.

The last update was on Monday, with the carrots in place for four days by then.

Honestly, some think baby carrots will be the new pet craze: no feeding, little to no maintenance, and with all the soothing peace of a few goldfish.