The question kids ask their parents 1,584 times before they turn 18

Unsurprisingly, kids will ask for a pet over 1,500 times by the time they're 18.
Unsurprisingly, kids will ask for a pet over 1,500 times by the time they're 18. Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

If you feel like your child has asked for a pet a thousand times you're not exaggerating - in fact, they will ask 1,584 times before they turn 18.

A survey conducted by OnePoll, asked 2000 parents how often their children asked for a pet. They found 74 percent of kids ask for a pet an average of 11 times per month, from age six.

Dogs were the most popular request - with 78 percent of children specifically saying that's the pet they wanted. After dogs came cats, fish, birds and rabbits.

And it's bad news for parents of persistent kids -  it turns out pester power is highly effective. The survey showed two-thirds of parents eventually give in to the demands for a furry friend, although the average parent does take three years to come around to the idea.

Get ready to hear "can we get a pet?" even more as we head into the festive season, as it 'tis the season to ask -  with 62 percent of children asking for a pet seven times more than usual during the holidays.

Most parents say they want their kids to prove they can be responsible before introducing a pet into their home. One quarter of mums and dads say they wanted their child to prove they could take care of a toy pet before adopting a real one.

Most parents do feel it's important for kids to spend time with animals - 58 percent say it helps teach children how to play gently and 57 percent believe having an animal will teach kids responsibility. Almost half of parents, 46 percent, say the fact an animal encourages kids to spend time outdoors was one of the major benefits of pet ownership.

The most popular pets to ask for were dogs and cats, followed by fish, birds and rabbits.