Therapy dog's adorable bedtime routine is making her Instagram famous

Mojito the therapy dog really loves her toys.
Mojito the therapy dog really loves her toys. Photo: The Dodo

We don't think there is a dog that loves plush toys more than three-year-old therapy dog, Mojito. For a year-and-a-half, the playful pooch has been bringing a different toy to bed with her each night; charging up the stairs with her prize and giving her owner, Kim Dowie, a chance to document this adorable routine on Instagram.

Kim Dowie told The Dodo:  "Mojito has tons of toys... way too many. She insists on picking one out every time we go to the store."

"She is very specific about what she chooses to take to bed. She will search the house and empty her toy boxes until she finds whatever one she is looking for."


Instead of bringing the toy back downstairs the next day, the toys stay upstairs until Mojito decides what's best. 

"If we move them back downstairs, she will carry them right back up," Explains Downie.

 Mojito recently became a therapy dog, and she is certainly putting smiles on everyone's faces.

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