This is not your average 'cute pet' video

 Photo: YouTube

We all share cute photos of our kids with family pets on social media, right?

But when Edness Taoka shared images of his 4-year-old daughter with their pet on YouTube recently, it got people a bit hot under the collar. But perhaps that's because their family pet is a giant python that looks like it could eat his daughter in one gulp.

The video was captioned "12ft Reticulated Python yawns during TV show", which it does if you watch the video for long enough.

Edness accompanied the picture with some reassuring words.

"My daughter is perfectly safe," he wrote.

"Interaction with any animal and child must always be supervised. No, it's not sizing her up. That is a stupid myth. Neither snakes have any desire to bite or eat us.

"She loves rats. Won't eat anything else. For the love of god I have tried rabbit but she is a really fussy madam. She just eats defrosted rats."

There is disagreement in the snake world about whether snakes are capable of "loving" their owners, but snake lovers swear they can. Others say snakes will cuddle up to their owners purely for warmth, and show excitement when they see them because they know they'll get fed.


Which sounds pretty much like my children.

And while deaths from giant pythons are rare, they have happened. Although in the instances they have attacked children, they were not kept in secure cages and were significantly underweight.

Animal welfare site Zoocheck says giant pythons can "make good captives, but keepers should have previous experience with such large contrictors to ensure safety to both animal and people."

I have to admit, I'm freaked out just looking at this video but I have a pretty decent snake phobia that I know is actually not based on anything but the creepy and sinister way they slither silently around the place.

But Edness does sound like he knows what he's doing.

"No we have never been bitten," he went on to say in his post. "These are tame (by dictionary definition), captive bred, snakes. They have been handled nearly everyday – multiple times a day since they were babies. There are more dangerous issues with other animals such as dogs and horses to children than non-venomous snakes."

And just like that, Edness makes an excellent point.

Commenters weren't necessarily with Edness though. The video has been viewed over 190,000 times and attracted over 40,000 comments – not all of them encouraging – before comments were disabled.

One commenter wrote, "The snake is sizing her up what's wrong with you she could be eaten those breeds of snakes are dangerous and aggressive!"

Another simply said, "What is wrong with these parents?"

One alarmed viewer wrote in all caps, so we could understand just how urgent the situation was, "THAT SNAKE IS PREPARING TO EAT."

It's clear from his YouTube channel that Edness knows snakes a whole lot better than these commenters though, and he's not letting them get him down.

"People and their precious angry feelings," he said, which pretty much sums up the internet.

At last check, Edness's daughter was doing fine.