This is the most popular name for Australian cats and dogs

 Photo: Shutterstock

Move aside Rover and Fluffy - Bella is the most popular name for both cats and dogs, according to a new survey of the monikers we're giving our furry friends.

The finding comes courtesy of's 30,000 strong database of pets, which, along with cats and dogs, also includes rabbits, lizards and fish. 

When it comes to the dogs in our lives, Buddy and Charlie come in second and third place, with Max, Missy and Molly also making the cut.

Top ten dogs names:

  1.  Bella
  2.  Buddy
  3.  Charlie
  4.   Max
  5.  Ruby
  6.  Missy
  7.  Molly
  8.  Diesel
  9.  Jack
  10.  Bear

Interestingly, our felines are also being called Buddy and Charlie, as well as Smokey, Oscar, and Coco.

Top ten cats names:

  1.  Bella
  2.  Smokey
  3.  Buddy
  4. Oscar
  5.  Charlie
  6.  Luna
  7.  Coco
  8.  Shadow
  9.  Button
  10.  Misty

If you've got rabbits, chances are you're a stickler for tradition. Bugs comes in first place, followed by the very creative Bunny, as well as Bugsy and Benjamin.

If you ignore the fact that the most common name for a person's pet fish is "Fish", and the tenth ranked name is "Fish Fish" the monikers in between are a tad more inspiring/original.There's Bruce, Nigel, Whitey, Rainbow - and even Sashimi.

Top ten fish names:

  1.  Fish
  2. Goldy
  3.  Bruce
  4.  Lovey
  5.  Nigel
  6.  Whitey
  7.  Mr Fishy
  8.  Sashimi
  9.  Rainbow
  10.  Fish Fish

Sashimi isn't the only food-inspired name, however. Lolly, Bubbles, Cola, Skittles, Gin, Oreo, VB and Nugget are all monikers we're using for our animals.

The survey also revealed that dogs are overwhelming a man woman and child's best friend (making up 68 per cent of pets), followed by cats at 24 per cent.

And the least popular pet? Spiders - thank goodness.