You can now have your pet cloned as plush slippers

Photo: Cuddle Clones
Photo: Cuddle Clones 

Pets are the very best humans - we all know that - and with this realisation has come peak pet obsession, with must-have products popping up everywhere.

From cat phone covers to doggie tea towels, there's a pet-themed product for just about everyone, with speciality stores featuring only dog or cat products doing a roaring trade.

Now you can wear cloned versions of your pets on your feet, with US company Cuddle Clones making stunning plush replicas of your best friend in slipper form.

They're not exactly a total bargain, coming in at AUD $280 a pair, plus shipping to Australia, but they are amazingly accurate and a fantastic conversation piece.

This person got both their dogs cloned.


And what could be cuter than a plush pug in a bow tie? Literally nothing.




There are also plush toys available, as well as prints, cushion covers, mugs and figurines.


The product line certainly isn't limited to pooches and felines, however. The one below was a gift to a teen flying the nest to go to uni.

People are also buying them to memorialise a departed pet so they can live on forever.

Check out the full range at Cuddle Clones and you too could be wearing your pets on your tootsies.