How dogs could make children better readers

Issues around children learning to read are rarely out of the news. Which is hardly surprising – becoming a successful reader is of paramount importance in improving a child's life chances. Nor is it surprising that reading creates a virtuous circle: the more you read the better you become. But what may come as a surprise is that reading to dogs is gaining popularity as a way of addressing concerns about children's reading.

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Marley's reaction to meeting her rescue kitten for the first time - priceless.

Girl's heartfelt reaction to new kitten has 33 million views

When 9-year-old Pennsylvanian girl Marley Frost received a surprise gift of a rescue kitten, her reaction was priceless. Opening the door to her bedroom after school one day last August with her mother Nikki Frost filming behind her, the kitten can immediately be heard mewing from a large container by Marley's bed.

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Buy your dog a bandana to keep excess slobber at bay.

20 tips all pet owners should know

Love your pets, but hate the mess? We've got some easy, pet-friendly advice for cleaning your home.

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