Top ten things to entertain kids with on road trips

Melting moments ... An icecream is always a good reason for a break on the road.
Melting moments ... An icecream is always a good reason for a break on the road. 

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1 Resist the temptation to introduce DVD players in the car — it is hard to undo and doesn't teach kids to be good travellers.

2 Get a large plastic tub and create an activity centre with pencils, paper, stickers, activity books and novels.

3 Encourage kids to keep a journal about their trip, with pictures or words about their favourite things.

4 Print a simple map off the internet so kids can plot their journey and learn a bit about the geography along the way.

5 Leave an hour earlier each day than you think you need to — it's amazing how often you get sidetracked or need extra stops.

6 Take bikes, scooters, a frisbee or whatever you can fit in the car to help kids burn off energy.

7 Invest in a GPS — you don't need the stress of being lost with kids on board. (You can download fun voices. We found great amusement in Homer Simpson's directions.)

8 Public libraries have great selections of audio books, which can also be downloaded from the internet. Favourites on our trip included Roald Dahl and The Chronicles of Narnia.

9 Take the opportunity to introduce your kids to different music (bye bye Wiggles) by taking turns to choose songs.

10 If all else fails, bribe them with treats!