Sweet moment kids reunite with their father after 12 weeks of isolation

Photo: Facebook
Photo: Facebook 

This has to be one of the best ever examples of co-parenting done right.

It had been 12 long weeks since Claire Sharman's children had seen their father due to the coronavirus pandemic.  

Knowing how much Sophy, nine, Cian, eight and Isla, two, missed him, she decided she had to do something about it. So the mother of three organised their father Ben, and stepmother Ceri to come and visit, pretending that a plumber was on the way to the house.

Ms Sharman and her three children.
Ms Sharman and her three children. 

"Their reaction was one of the best days of my life," Ms Sharman told Essential Baby. "Seeing how happy they were to see their Daddy and step-mum."

The family, who live in Wales, had been isolating with Ms Sharman due to eight-year-old's Cian's rare genetic condition, Microdeletion 15q13.3.

"It causes various health problems including epilepsy," Ms Sharman said. "We don't know how COVID-19 would affect Cian, and as I am a carrier of the genetic condition, we are both at high risk."

Admitting having a child with additional needs bought on its own challenges during the pandemic, it was also difficult watching her kids missing their friends, and especially their father.

"I knew how desperately the children wanted a cuddle from their dad and how much he missed them too," she said. 

"I couldn't imagine not being able to hold my children for 12 weeks."


Claire ordered suits and cut them down to the right sizes and gave each of the kids gloves and a mask each before waiting until he was outside to let them know they had a special visitor.

It wasn't long before the children worked out who their visitor was, running out screaming "Daddy" to give him a hug, which Ms Sharman said was amazing to see.

"I'm a single mum and my main goal in life is to make sure my children are happy, healthy and they know every day they are loved," she says.

"It was so heart-warming to see them all together," she continued. "My children are what I live and breathe for and I'm so glad I could make their wish come true."