13-year-old suffers third degree burns while using mobile phone

Teen suffers burns while using mobile phone.
Teen suffers burns while using mobile phone.  Photo: Jackie Fedro

A US mum is raising awareness after her daughter suffered third degree burns while using her mobile phone.

Jackie Fedro, Illinois, gave her 13-year-old daughter, Gabbie, a T-Mobile phone for Christmas. Now, the teen has been left with a scar around her neck.

Posting on Twitter, Fedro wrote: "13 yr old burned! Necklace caught current from phone that was charging. #PhoneSafety #TeenSaftey #SafteyFirst."


Speaking to Buzzfeed, Fedro shared images of her daughter's burns.

A week after Fedro gave her daughter the phone for Christmas she heard Gabbie screaming from her bedroom.

"She came running downstairs after it [happened] grabbing her neck," Fedro said. "She was in so much pain she was screaming hysterically."

"It took her a good five minutes before she was even able to tell us what had happened."


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According to Buzzfeed, Gabbie was talking on the phone while it was plugged into the wall when "she was shocked by an electric current" that ran from the phone and through the necklace she was wearing. 


"She suffered painful second-degree burns and now will have a scar all the way around her neck," Fedro said.

Fedro contacted T-Mobile who offered to replace the phone and pay for Gabbie's medical bills.

The phone has also been sent back for testing.

Similarly, in January this year, a nine-year-old girl was scarred for life with a severe chemical burn caused by her mobile phone case.

Her mother, Karly Retter, took to Facebook to warn other parents about the danger of similar phone cases.