7 ways to get your life organised

Let these apps help you organise your life.
Let these apps help you organise your life. Photo: Getty

Tired of writing reminder notes or emails to yourself? Have you forgotten too many times that it was bin night or have an extra sport’s training session coming up? Thanks to the frenetic pace of our lives these days, you might not have even had time to look around and see where you can get some extra help. Luckily, there are a wide array of apps available and here are some of the best.


Woolworths – Apple and Android (Free)
Coles Feed Your Family – Apple and Coles App on Android (Free)
IGA – Apple and Android* (Free)

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The three major supermarket chains have apps with variable functions and strengths. If all you want is a no frills app that helps you make shopping lists, then IGA and Woolworths have that base covered. Screen touching an item adds it to a list of your choice. The process is straightforward for IGA; it’s more time consuming at Woolworths due to the sheer range on offer and the need to go back and forth to the main menu.

Sadly, and somewhat frustratingly, while Coles Feed Your Family app is sophisticated and media rich, with lots of Curtis Stone videos and recipes on offer, there is no way of tailoring your individual shopping experience. For Apple users, it is more useful for people who are looking to expand their skills, or perhaps seeking entertainment (for Android users, the app is not quite the same). 

Also, Android users, note: there is an IGA app, but it is not suited to Australian shoppers. Hopefully there is one in development for customers.


Birthday Board – Apple (Free)


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Birthday Board is a simple and cheery app to keep all the birthdays of your friends and family in order. Getting started can be as simple as a command to import all your Facebook friends. However, if you’re friends with every person you know and the calendar becomes overwhelming, deleting a birthday is as simple as an upward flick, or you can create secondary boards for VIPs, work colleagues, clients or others. With the option to be reminded days ahead of time, you’ll never forget another birthday.

Calendars, Lists and Timetables

Cozi – Apple and Android (Free)
Remember the Milk – Apple and Android (Free)

Cozi is impressive. Within its easily navigable interface, registered family members can log in to check the weekly calendar for upcoming events, add appointments, create shopping lists, and even keep a journal. Upgrading at the reasonable price of $29.99 per year, which applies across the account and every device, will see the purchaser receive the added benefits of meal planners, adding contacts, birthdays and the ability to overview the monthly calendar. I particularly like the ‘weekly agenda’ email that highlights all the calendar appointments for the upcoming week. Very useful.

Originally founded in Sydney, Remember the Milk has a large fan base, so it was with some confusion when I tried out the app and found the user experience less than satisfying. Tasks may only be added for the upcoming week and a free account may only sync changes or additions once every twenty-four hour period. Upgrading costs $31.99 and it might be hard to see how that price is worth the money. But with gadgets developed for Gmail and Google Calendar, as well as the ability to add tasks via Twitter and email, among other functionality extensions, it has the potential to be one of the most lifestyle integrated apps. Once I get used to it, perhaps I’ll be a convert.

Research, Collating and Filing

Evernote – Apple and Android (Free)

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Like Remember the Milk, Evernote has built up for itself a devoted community thanks to its simplicity of purpose and robust functionality. Created notes – in written, photographic, or even audio form – are stored and may even be filed into Notebooks, or tagged, to make them easier to find again. A Premium account costs a yearly $56.99 or $6.49 per month. This buys an improved 1 GB of uploads per month, makes PDFs searchable and – best of all – allows offline access on a mobile device. A huge plus is the web clipper, a web browser extension designed to clip online content which is then saved to your Evernote account. As this video demonstrates.

It is a fantastic tool for students, bloggers, writers, researchers – anyone, really.

What organising apps do you use?