Instagram's 'Year in Review 2018' features Fortnite, Disneyland and ASMR

Youth activism, Fortnite, Disneyland and ASMR have all made their presence felt on Instagram in 2018, as the social media giant releases its annual 'Year in Review.'
In a December 12 post, Instagram declared that this year's review would centre on 'global trends.'
"With 2018 almost coming to a close, we'd love to highlight some trends from the year and share all the different ways Instagram's global community came to the platform to creatively express themselves and get closer to the people – and things – they love."
Fastest growing hashtag went to #fortnite and unsurprisingly, the 'Happiest Geotagged Location' went to Disneyland Tokyo for having the highest number of smile emoticons in captions.
ASMR (click to read all about it) well and truly hit the big time in 2018, named 'Top Niche Community Trend,' while the positive engagement of users was reflected in 14 billion uses of the heart emoticon.
In addition, 2018 was the year of engaged activism, with the #metoo, #timesup, and #marchforourlives movements getting top gongs for advocacy-related posts.
#inmyfeelingschallenge was the number one dance challenge and K-pop proved its worth as Top Fandom Community.
See the summary below and read Instagram's full write up of 2018.

Instagram's 2018 Year in Review:

- Most Used Face Filter in Instagram Stories: Heart Eyes

- Most Used Giphy Sticker on Instagram Stories: Heart Love Sticker by Arata

- Number of times ❤️ was used in comments: 14 billion

- Happiest Geotagged Location in the World (highest use of smile emoji in the caption): Disneyland Tokyo

- Top Niche Community Trend: ASMR

- Highest Growth Hashtag Community: #fortnite

- Top Fandom Community: BTS (#btsarmy)

- Top Dance Movement: #inmyfeelingschallenge

- Top Advocacy Hashtags: #metoo (1.5 million), #timesup (597K), #marchforourlives (562K)