Is this the world's coolest grandma?

Gma Pat
Gma Pat Photo: instagram: @10secondswithgma

Meet Patsy – she has 87,000 Instagram followers and is one of the coolest grandma's going around.

The 85-year-old breast cancer survivor, gluten-free wannabe and equal rights advocate has been sharing inspiring posts spreading love, kindness and sunshine for two years now.

But her path to insta-fame was not one she embarked on alone. Her granddaughters Sara and Jessica created the Instagram handle @10secondswithgma secretly, but once they let her in on her rising popularity she was delighted.

"Sara was recording videos of me to send to Jessica while she was living in London," Patsy told Babble.

"They told me they were just sharing the photos they were taking of me with each other. Then they told me that they made an Instagram for me, but I didn't know what that was."

Hesitant at first, Patsy asked her granddaughters to show her how it works and now she runs the account herself – even uploading weekly Instagram stories, posting videos and sending direct message to her many followers.

And the experience has helped build her confidence.

"At first I didn't know how I felt because I wasn't used to people paying me attention, but then I warmed up to it, and it started to become fun for me to connect with so many people from all over the world," she says.


Since I can't make it to the Pride March in Los Angeles this weekend I wanted to make my own! I hope my song can remind anyone who needs reminding to be proud of who they are. Sending all of my love, support, and positivity to those who may feel like they need to change themselves in anyway or those who don't feel heard or those who need a little encouragement to find their voice. Be proud of who you are because I am proud of every single one of you and as always PLEASE BE SAFE. Lots of love πŸŒˆπŸŒˆπŸŒˆπŸŒˆπŸŒˆπŸŒˆπŸŒˆπŸŒˆπŸŒˆπŸŒˆπŸŒˆπŸŒˆπŸŒˆπŸŒˆπŸŒˆπŸŒˆπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•gma Pat πŸ‘΅πŸ» #pridemonth #pride #pridemarch #lgbt #lgbtpride #grandma #loveyourself #proudofyou #lesbian #transgender #gay #bisexual #10secondswithgma #equality #equalityforall #support #lifteachotherup #noh8 #loveislove #positivevibes #proud #loudandproud #loveyourself #loveeachother #allyouneedislove #gma #grandma #lgbtpride #transgenderlove #compassion #openheart #acceptance

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"It has humbled me extremely.

"I used to be very shy, and I have learned how to express myself to others. I've been overwhelmed, but appreciative. It's added a new dimension to my life."

The "happiest grandma in the world" shares uplifting messages, videos and images each week, all of which are like her sprinkling a little bit of glitter all over the Internet. It's very cool to see someone use Instagram in such a positive way.

"I think it's rare to find social media handles that are genuine and truly only want to spread joy and love," her granddaughter Jessica told Babble.

"I get direct messages from her followers, most of which have lost their grandparents, sharing with me how much they appreciate my grandma.

"And that's exactly what my sisters and I wanted when we started her Instagram – to show the world how amazing and loving she is, because we knew how much joy she would bring to others."

And her biggest advice to others is to love yourself, treat others well and be present.

"Live in the moment, and love yourself so you can love others," she said.

"Be gracious and patient with people who don't agree with you."