Little girl's confusion over lack of touchscreen will make you laugh

Trying to play Game Boy
Trying to play Game Boy Photo: YouTube: Chris Cohoon

I'm pretty sure my kids were born knowing how to access my iTunes account and post selfies on social media channels I've never even heard of. Technology is part and parcel of growing up for most children these days and they take to it like ducks to water.

That's why it's so funny to watch them trying to figure out how old school stuff works, as one dad shared when his daughter tried to play a Game Boy. Remember Game Boys? They were at the cutting edge of technology back in the 90s but now they're just confusing to the younger generation.

The little girl in this video tries to get the device to work the only way she knows how: by touching the screen. Her dad watches on as she pinches and pulls at the screen, ignoring the controls below the screen, which we can only assume she thinks are there for decoration.

And of course, when Dad asks if she needs help, she turns on her heel and walks off, confident she can figure it out if Dad would just stop hassling her for a few minutes.

The dad shared the video on Reddit, where the community gave it 32,000 upvotes, and the video has been viewed over 250,000 times on YouTube.

One commenter pointed out the difference between the generations, comparing the girl to his father. "Opposite of this is my dad screaming about how there's no buttons on a touchscreen device and pressing on the screen too hard and/or long as if it were a mechanical button."

Another shared that it's not just old school devices that are confusing the kids. "I saw a different video where a toddler [tried] to pinch zoom a magazine." (I feel for this kid; I've done the same thing myself. And this morning I tried to open my front door with my car's remote lock button.)

It seems perhaps Game Boys were specific to a particular generation, and were never taken up by anyone older or younger. One commenter compared the girl to his grandmother. "My grandma does that. She either jabs the screen like she's trying to put her finger thru it, or tries to do cool swypes on things that aren't meant to swype (like an "ok" button).

But taking in the big picture, how important is it that kids know how to use Game Boys now? They have touch screen technology at their fingertips, and pretty soon they'll be able to make things work by just thinking about it.

Laughing about a child not knowing how to use a Game Boy is like making fun of someone for not knowing how to operate a gramophone. Sure, I'm clueless about that, but I can stream music through my phone. So who's the fool here, really?