Mum's clever trick to keep an eye on her teenager

 Photo: Shutterstock

Let's face it, teens can be sneaky and it's important parents work out clever ways to keep an eye on them, while also having a laugh at the same time.

This mum from Ohio has the perfect solution to make sure her teenage daughter is safe.

Heather Steinkopf uses the one device she knows her daughter Kaelyn will always have with her – her phone. But instead of just relying on a simple text to let her mum know where she is, Heather gets her to take thumbs-up selfies.

Recently she wanted to check if her 18-year-old daughter really was at her friend's house, so she asked her to take a selfie with her friend.

Her daughter did as asked. She sent a selfie with her friend Stevie doing the thumbs up, but her mum thought the image was too dark.

"With the light on," she texted back.

So they texted her another image, this time with the light on.

But again her mum wasn't convinced, thinking Kaelyn had simply photoshopped her friend into the image. She asked them to take another photo with Kaelyn on Stevie's back, doing the thumbs up.

They did, of course.


"Alright… You pass. Lol. Have a great night. Love you," she replied.

Her daughter thought it hilarious and tweeted the screenshots with the caption: "I think it's safe to say my mum doesn't trust me".

The post's been retweeted more than 4,000 times and liked in excess of 17,000 times, with many commentators praising Heather for watching out for Kaelyn.

And her daughter's used to her checking-up on her.

"Mom's made me do it before, as she figures I can't fake that many pictures," Kaelyn told Babble.

"She has done this since my junior year – I was a little more tame when I was younger.

"I know she trusts me, but I get that I'm still a teen living under her roof and she needed to keep an eye on me."

She said since her older brother joined the Navy her mum's been understandably protective.

"We don't really get to see him or talk to him, and since he left, she has been more protective over all of us," she explained.

"I really hope she doesn't do this when I leave for college!"