Mum's TikTok revelation has parents everywhere cheering: Simple screentime solution

Picture: TikTok
Picture: TikTok 

Sometimes handing your phone over to your toddler buys some much needed peace, sometimes it ends with a grid of photos of the ceiling or unwanted phone calls to random contacts.

Or for a few unfortunate parents, a $1,400 bill for 'virtual cat food' or the house deposit spent on in-app purchases.

It's a fine line, but sometimes only a screen in their face will do. 

Thankfully, one mum's now viral parenting hack has a solution we can all get behind: locking in the content you're happy for your little charges to view, and blocking them from accessing the rest. 

TikTok user Melissa Jean posted the instructional video for how to set up 'guided access' (on an iPhone) so that no matter how many times or where they tap the screen, kids will have their viewing tightly restricted. 

"Sometimes screens allow us to get something done so ...," she captioned the clip.

Showing her partner go through a step-by-step of how to set up the feature, she writes: 'Pregnant me: I'll never give my baby a phone. Me as a mum: Enjoy this hack because we all need help keeping kids occupied'.

At the end, she zooms in to show him trying to unsuccessfully navigate away from the video they've set it to. 


The clip's play-by-play is an easy to follow guide for parents who may be confused by instructions they find in Google.

Basically, you navigate to 'settings' in your phone, hit 'accessibility', then activate 'guided access'. Follow this by going to 'pass code settings', hit 'set guided access pass code' and then enter and re-enter a pass code. 

If your kids are extra savvy, you can also set it to face or touch ID to end the guided access. 

The clip has been viewed more than 26.1 million times, and while veteran parents said they were aware of the hack, many others were amazed by the simple trick.

"Been doing this for a while because my kids think the only way to hear YouTube kids is on full volume five inches from their face," shared one.

"Caution: Only use this with kids who don't have anger issues and won't throw your phone against the wall," joked another.

Others thanked the pair for saving their sanity.

"Man is a saint," said one, "I've been looking for an app that does this and none of them work. Thank you!," another added.

Others joked they would be trying this when they showed their own parents photos on their phone to stop them scrolling on.