Take control of screen time with Torch: the customisable WiFi router for families

Stylish and practical for parents.
Stylish and practical for parents.  Photo: Torch

If the daily battle over the length and quality of screen time is beginning to dominate your family life, then help is at hand. Many parents are familiar with the struggle of limiting children's screen time and making sure they aren't accessing anything they shouldn't be.

Torch is a WiFi router that's arrived to be your right hand assistant in all things internet-related for your kids. It's not only a centralised single device that stops and pauses WiFi (on many devices if necessary) and sets bedtimes, it also monitors content to block out anything inappropriate.

The video explains it beautifully, and doesn't shy away from the concerning issue of kids accidentally discovering explicit content. They can so easily do so while innocently using a search term which turns out to be a euphemism for something R-rated.

In addition to protecting children from bad content, Torch allows you to see what your child is browsing so you know what their key internet-based interests are. Torch also calculates each child's estimated screen time and data usage with unlimited customisable child profiles.

Sure, in an ideal world we'd know exactly what our kids were doing online, but the realities of parenting in a modern world mean many of us have patchy knowledge about what they see.

It was initially a Kickstarter campaign that exceeded it's goal and now the product has started shipping, there are no more excuses for putting your kid's internet usage in the too hard basket.