The embarrassing things our kids say and do when we're in public

Kids say the darndest things ...
Kids say the darndest things ... Photo: Getty

If your little darling has embarrassed you while you've been out and about in public - whether it was a "no-filter" comment or an "oh-my-god-I can't-believe-you-just-did that" moment, then you're not alone. The struggle is real.

We asked the Essential Kids community to share their most cringe-worthy tales - and boy did you deliver. We laughed, cried and blushed in solidarity at your awkward - and very funny - stories. 

Here are just some of our favourites. And let's just say, some of them sounded a little too familiar ...

Toilet humour:

"I was in the public toilets in a mall, my wee girl was in the same cubicle as me. I did what I had to do, then all of a sudden a wee voice yells out "Hey Mum, will I have hair down there like you when I am a lady"? You could hear a pin drop, then the sniggers"

"My little girl found a potty (for sale) that was in a Lifeline Superstore (we were donating stuff ). She promptly relieved herself in it and proudly told me she'd gone to the toilet. To my horror I wondered where and then she led me to the potty. I did find a staff member and told them what happened. At least it was in the correct place - the potty."

Booby trap:


"My son tried to breastfeed off a mannequin."

"My eldest was about 4 months old we went to a country auction, I noticed a few men staring, didn't pay to much attention till I walked passed the big shed door and felt a breeze, my sweet cretin had pulled down my shirt and bra."

"I got out of the shower and bent over drying myself and my daughter said "don't worry I'll catch them" with hands out......referring to my hanging boobs (4 kids.....they got no perk left)."

"My then 5 yo daughter had my bra on when she went to the door when someone knocked. She then told the pest control man, my mum has big ones, as she patted the bra. He looked at me and laughed and said, 'kids, you can always rely on them to say the most embarrassing things.'"

The birds and the bees 

"In the public toilets with my then 2 year old and he asks where my willy was and wasn't quiet about it."

"My 7 year old tells everyone I'm not having anymore babies because I've been desexed."

"I'm at the book store in the supermarket. Daughter, 9, reads book titles and asks extremely loudly, "Mum what is aphrodisiac foods?"

"My second son and I were at the deli and since his hair was long a lady stated that I had such a beautiful little girl and he stood up and pulled his pants down and let the lady know that he was not a girl. And of course, she could see that."

Dad(dy) jokes 

"My 3 year old just told my boot camp class that "Daddy wears lipstick". I had the day before just bought him a new lip balm as he gets dry lips lol."

"My husband stayed outside to make a call whilst we went into a cafe for lunch. While seated my son asks loudly and earnestly "Mummy, which man is my daddy?" The older lady next to us cleared her throat shocked and the couple next to us put there menus up to hide their laughter. Apparently he was trying to see him through the window and needed help spotting him."

"'I'm wearing Daddy's makeup' daughter one announced to a packed doctors surgery. She was wearing her dad's deodorant."

Kids, hey? Lucky they're cute ...