12 incredible Airbnb homes you can stay in with the family

It's true that many of us spend a lot of time dreaming of a holiday. We're not going to pretend everyone has the option of packing up the family tomorrow to fly to one of these destinations, but we did think you'd love to see some of the most amazing properties on Airbnb.

We've provided external and internal photos of each property but you can click on the link underneath each image to reach the Airbnb listing where there are many more photos.

Even if you can't possibly book a holiday, take a little breather and look at these incredible spaces.

Of course if you do plan to book one of them, check whether it is family-friendly for your particular family.

A houseboat may not be the ideal stay for those with mobile babies and toddlers, but the Icelandic summer house might be the perfect fit.


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