Corona-cation: Sydney family recreate 10-day cruise after holiday plans cancelled

Photo: Facebook / Simone Scoullar (Supplied)
Photo: Facebook / Simone Scoullar (Supplied) 

Simone and Simon Scoullar are supposed to be on their first ever family holiday. 

The Sydney-based couple were booked on a glorious 10-day cruise to Vanuatu and the surrounding islands with their five kids, but unfortunately had to cancel due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Simone tells Essential Baby that the kids were understandably disappointed after looking forward to the trip all summer, so the family came up with a unique and creative way to have a memorable experience regardless. 

"We decided to take matters into our own hands and embark on our own noncruise adventure!", she says.

The family have been carrying out their very own cruise holiday from home - and documenting the entire thing on social media.  

There have been Kids Club outings, a talent quest night and even a trip to the casino complete with fake IDs for the kids! 

Photo: Facebook / Simone Scoullar (Supplied)

​"It has given the children something to look forward to every day," explains Simone, adding that the cruise activities got them off their devices willingly to have some family fun. "The children are incredibly creative!"


"And by posting it on Facebook for the duration of our planned cruise we were "committed" to doing daily cruise activities. 

Simone has certainly been having a lot of fun with the activities and captions. 

"Day 3: Apologies for the cruise spam - we hope that anyone stuck at home is not too envious of our trip but to be honest, it has been a long time coming! We are still at sea and I have enjoyed a couple of quiet drinks on the balcony while the kids are in the Kids Club.

Photo: Simone Scoullar (Supplied)

Photo: Simone Scoullar (Supplied)

I must admit the number of trees and buildings in the middle of the ocean is quite unexpected. Kids Club hired a new director today - Warren definitely stepped up the fun! They had bubble wars, made pizzas and fishing rods. It was a close call when they were visited by a Great White shark but Bella ended up victorious by catching our dinner that we passed on to the galley. Another happy day!"

Simone, a kindergarten teacher, admits she feels very fortunate to have a big family right now.

"We have been coping with isolation by not sweating the small things," she tells Essential Baby. 

"I'm incredibly lucky because my children generally really enjoy each others' company and because there is a few of them they are not always stuck with the same people every day."

Photo: Day 9: We made good use of the fake IDs and went clubbing. Boy did the cruise throw a good party! #cruisingathomeSimone Scoullar (Supplied)

Photo: Day 9: We made good use of the fake IDs and went clubbing. Boy did the cruise throw a good party! #cruisingathome Simone Scoullar (Supplied)

While the Scoullars aren't the only family getting creative in isolation, she says they have been thrilled to see all the positive feedback each day. 

"When we saw some of the comments people were writing on our post we realised that we were bringing joy to some of our families and friends. And everyone needs a little bit of joy right now!" 

Photo: Day 4 'Date Night'

Photo: Day 4 'Date Night'

Said one: "This is fantastic... im sure the in house "cruise" entertainment will be second to none! Cant wait for the updates. Bon voyage..."

"Oh these posts!! The best! I want to be on your home cruise holiday!"