How to make holidaying fun for the whole family

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Picture this: sun, sand, clear water; you with a cocktail in hand, the kids swimming – this is the life.

It's far from reality, but that's the exact point. There really is nothing better than spending some time together away from the usual weekly routines. All you need is a holiday that fits that image in your imagination – and we have some ideas to help you create just that:

Find a resort with a kids' club

The first rule of a fun family holiday is to go somewhere with a kids' club.

As parents and kids, we love each other … and it'd be nice if we returned home feeling that same affection. That means giving each other a little bit of space, where you can sip from a glass with a fake umbrella in it, and the kids can hang out with others their own age. It's every parent's dream and (as a bonus) the kids love it too: they get to enjoy activities such as rock-climbing, kid's yoga, cooking classes, and pool games, not to mention all the new friends they will make and you get some much-needed time out.

Get your destination right

If you're all at a place you want to be at, then the fun will take care of itself. Besides, the planning is part of the holiday fun, so involving your kids in choosing a destination helps them get the full experience.

It can be worthwhile researching flights before getting your kids involved, so you can give them a few options instead of a blank canvas. For example, you might find that two of Centara Resorts in Thailand suit your needs with their family friendly culture; you can then research both destinations with your kids.


Hitting the internet is the obvious option for researching your destination: there's a wealth of information you can find on the best things to do in any place in the world. And if you have younger kids, it can be worth getting some travel books from your local library that detail the sights, information about the history, food and culture, or even help you learn some words of that language.

Find a little serenity

The high pace of a family holiday is great, but we all need some time out. In fact, it's this downtime that's the key to a fun family trip; without it, adults and children come home more tired than they were before – and no one wants that.

Try to carve out some relaxing solo time for something that will make you feel like you had a holiday: a relaxing visit to the spa, a sleep-in here and there, or a quiet dinner with your partner. Whatever your idea of a chilled out holiday is, you can put a little of it into your family getaway.

How do you get that time alone? Well, kids' club can be a great tool or a babysitting service is perfect for a kid-free evening. Just book it in and feel that heart rate lower.

Go on an adventure together

The ultimate family holiday is one that creates new memories. These are the times you and your kids will look back on with fondness, so check out your options for adventures such as snorkelling, visiting ancient caves by kayak or jungle trekking.

Depending on the ages and interests of your kids, it can be hard to find some that you'll all enjoy, so some compromise might be in order. Let your kids know that there will be time through the trip for each of you to choose an activity.

There could be some truly extraordinary places to explore or activities to try at your destination. And if you want to keep it simple, some adventure sports at the resort can fit the bill so think of choosing a location with its own water park or lazy river.

All that's left to do is fly off into the sunset ... enjoy!

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