There's a massive castle made of snow in Canada - complete with ice slide

The Snow King festival in Canada.
The Snow King festival in Canada. Photo: Snow King Festival

Ever wanted to feel like the Snow Queen? The Snow King festival in Canada could be right up your street.

Every year, builders take ice and snow from the Great Slave Lake to create a new winter wonderland each year.

This year, it's a beautiful castle - complete with ice slide.

Photo: Snow King Festival

The festival started because of the 'Snow King', Tony Foliot, when he built his kids a snow fort in 1996.

He and some friends continued this tradition, making their castles and houses more and more elaborate.

This evolved into a month-long festival, incorporating local arts and culture.

According to its mandate, the festival must "capture the imagination of children and children at heart."

They start building the snow fort each year in January, and use wooden boards to help shape the walls.


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They fill these walls in with a snow blower.

The builders then fill in windows with ice, and decorate the structure.

This results in a gorgeous snow palace, which attracts around 12,000 visitors.

This year's castle has a main hall that can hold about 250 people, and a courtyard that can hold another 300.

The highlight is the Great Hall, which features the stage, a "snug" (a pub-style booth set into a wall), Cathedral-style windows made of ice, and even a VIP lounge with ice tables and chairs.

In March, the structure holds puppet shows, plays, fashion shows, live music performances, and even raves.

The Telegraph, London