Wish you weren't here? How to deal with holiday envy

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Photo: iStock 

Europe, Japan, Hawaii, New Zealand – it seems everyone I know is somewhere amazing having an awesome time and I'm here doing my second load of laundry and wondering if we'll have enough money to pay our latest water bill.

Holiday envy has well and truly set in and it sucks big time. Every time I look at social media I see yet another image of a cocktail, feet in a sandy beach or a sunset in somewhere exotic and I'm so jealous. Obviously, I'm also really happy for my friends, that's a given, but still it's hard to see tropical paradise when I'm shopping for toilet paper...again.

Wholistic life coach Teymara Wright said holiday envy can be difficult, but there are simple ways to overcome negative feelings.

"Holiday envy is real. It can be hard," Ms Wright said.

"It can happen in any area of life when we compare the idyllic lives of others on social media with our own. 

"But if you're happy in your life you should be happy for others, even if they have more than you. Always focus on what you want, not what you don't have. Disengaging from social media can also help."

Make time at home as exciting as you can. It's the quality time you spend with your family that matters most, not how many dollars you spend.

"If you find that some people in your life are always bragging about their overseas travels, lavish holidays and homes then you're better off not associating with them especially if their values clash with yours," she said.

"Focusing on your own plans and family is the best way to avoid envy.


"And remember, simple pleasures can be found in your everyday - that's where true happiness lies."

Here are some ways to pull you out of your holiday envy:

1. Start a holiday fund

It can be almost impossible to save money when you're struggling to make ends meet. Even if you put aside just $20 a week into a holiday fund bank account, you are making progress. Maybe the kids could also be encouraged to start saving some of their pocket money and together you can work towards a family holiday.

2.  Go on a day trip

Sometimes just getting out of the house will help. Take a drive down the coast or to the country. Or if you live in those places, spend the day in the city exploring. Be a tourist in your own town. If you can afford it, spend the night in hotel or at the local caravan park. A change of scenery can do the world of good.

3. Turn off social media

If you're finding it hard seeing all the happy holidays snaps on social media, then don't look. Avoid social media for a while and remember it's always a highlight reel. You're not seeing when your friends missed the train or got lost or had a fight. You're only seeing the best bits.

4.  Start planning

Maybe you're feeling a little envious because you haven't got a holiday planned? Get the world map out and start looking at destinations. Narrow down some dates and put in your leave form. And if you have the money, book your flights.

5. Take a mental health day.

Perhaps you're just feeling tired and need a break from the world. If this is the case, have a mental health day. Read in bed. Watch Netflix. Eat some chocolate. Meet friends for a drink. Go for a walk. Just take the time to recharge. It might really help you feel better.