"There's something magical about a night spent under the stars, huddled around a campfire."

Expert camping tips

Coleman's Rob Dempsey knows a thing or two about camping. Here are his picks for where to camp in Australia these holidays and what to pack!

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An all-inclusive family escape you wan't regret taking.


A cruising family holiday has all the right ingredients for fun

Imagine a holiday where someone else cleans your bathroom and makes your bed – twice a day - for two weeks. A holiday where every meal is prepared for you, every dish taken away. Need I mention the free on-site childcare?

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For cereal: Identical twin brothers are opening a cereal cafe in London.

Twins create London's first cereal cafe

Have you ever found yourself out on the town and hankering for a bowl of Lucky Charms? If so, you're in luck: The city's first cereal cafe is set to open next month.

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