A holiday where kids stay and eat for free

The founder of The Holiday Inn created the company back in 1952, after discovering few hotel options for his family; it was the first to use the slogan, "Kids Stay & Eat Free".

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Sybella and Nicholas on their annual family holiday.

Building family bonds on holiday

Antonia Kidman reveals the reasons why her family's yearly trip to the Canadian mountains remains their most cherished holiday escape.

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Moving nerves ... relocating overseas can be a hard transition for children.

Helping children transition to a new home overseas

Moving overseas with young kids may be logistically difficult, but once children hit school age and are old enough to be aware of what they are leaving behind, the really challenging work begins.

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The Scenic Railway continues to delight families of all ages.

Scenic World as thrilling as ever

The latest upgrade to the tourist attraction just a year ago saw the addition of new carriages and seats allowing the rider to adjust the inclination of their seats, from laid back to 'cliff hanger'.

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The joys of solo travel ...

Travelling alone after kids

Although I had travelled to lots of great places, I had never travelled alone until my late 30s, leaving behind three children, a husband and a mountain of laundry.

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