What to pack for your snow holiday with kids

All the snow and ski gear you need to have a successful family holiday.
All the snow and ski gear you need to have a successful family holiday. Photo: Supplied


Planning a trip to the snow this winter? Now's a great time to not only take advantage of smaller crowds– but also enjoy great prices and special deals across Australia's favourite ski resorts.

While a ski trip with the family is extremely exciting, it can also be a little daunting, particularly when it comes to packing. Making sure you have everything you need for the kids is particularly important, as you don't want to get all the way to the top of the mountain only to find you've forgotten a pair of gloves, or a left ski boot.

Anaconda provides all the snow and ski gear you need for a successful family holiday. Follow this checklist to ensure you're packed and ready for all the fun the slopes have to offer.


There are three key things to look for when you're shopping for outerwear: water resistance, windproofness and comfort. You want to keep your kids warm and dry, while also allowing them to move around easily – particularly when they're wearing multiple layers. Their outerwear needs to protect them, so choosing the right jacket is imperative.

Anaconda has a full range of puffer jackets, coats, vests, fleece jackets, faux fur, sweatshirts, jumpers and jumpsuits designed to protect your little ones from the elements.

Feet and hands

Shield your children's hands from the elements with waterproof gloves or mittens. You need to cover the wrists and remember to always include a spare pair as they can get wet and cold very easily.

Ski socks will keep their toes warm, while quality snow boots will stop any water or ice getting to your children's feet. When shopping for snow boots, it's essential you find some that are breathable, insulated, waterproof and cover the ankle.

Essential gear to keep warm.

Essential gear to keep warm. Photo: Supplied.


Other apparel

When planning your trip to the snow, you can't just stop at jackets, gloves and boots, particularly if the kids are going to test their skills at skiing or snowboarding. Anaconda's full range of kid's snow apparel also includes goggles, beanies, snow pants, thermal wear, helmets and hats – everything you need to keep the kids warm while shredding on the slopes.

The ultimate packing checklist

Not sure if you've packed everything? Here's everything you could need for a happy and warm holiday:

  • Three outerwear layers per child, including jackets and waterproof snow pants
  • Two under layers per child, including thermals and general clothing
  • Two pairs of dry socks for every day you're going to be at the snow
  • One pair of snow boots, plus sneakers as a backup
  • Two pairs of mittens or gloves
  • A beanie/warm hat and a sun hat
  • Underwear and spare clothes for indoors
  • Sunglasses or ski goggles
  • A scarf
  • Ski gear – if skiing or snowboarding – including skis or board and helmet

If you need to stock up, Anaconda has a full range of superior quality kid's ski and snow gear available at a great price. Start shopping for your snow adventure today and make sure you're prepared for anything.