Nine-year-old girl's fool-proof business plan goes viral

NIne-year-old girl's dog walking business plan.
NIne-year-old girl's dog walking business plan.  Photo: Reddit

A nine-year-old girl has come up with the perfect business plan for her future dog walking company.

Step 1. "Ask parents for help."

Step 2. "Get them to say yes."

Fool-proof plan, 'ask parents for help.'
Fool-proof plan, 'ask parents for help.' Photo: Reddit

Reddit user Dentiteoz found the note his daughter, Rylee, wrote and posted it on Reddit.

​The caption says: "Found in my 9 y.o.'s backpack. Solid business model."

Once the parents are on board, the plan consists of another five steps, including "spread the word", "walk dogs" and "success".

The post quickly went viral with hundreds of users commenting, sharing their own grand business plans from when they were younger.

One user wrote: "I had a short lived business venture when I was 8 or 9. Ian's Mowing Business. I printed papers with info, I spread the word. I made $20 then went back to video games."

Dentiteoz replied: "Sounds like exactly what she will do."

"I had a business idea when I was 10, another added. "I asked my parents if they'd help out for me and my friend to start a lawnmower business and they were on board, but I lost them when I told them the actual business model was for us to be ghost hunters."