Scottish teen applies for job with a recipe instead of her CV

Heather McNab, left, applied for a job with a Jamie Oliver recipe instead of her CV.
Heather McNab, left, applied for a job with a Jamie Oliver recipe instead of her CV. Photo: Twitter/supplied

A Scottish teenager applied for a job with a recipe instead of her resume, and was contacted by the celebrity chef about her mistake.

Heather McNab, 18, received an email in reply to her application, letting her know she had attached a Jamie Oliver recipe for chilli beef instead of her CV.

Instead of wallowing in a pit of despair, McNab was able to see the funny side and posted the email to Twitter.

"Worst day of my life hahahaha," McNab wrote after posting the photo.

McNab had applied for a job as a letting and sales negotiator with a real estate agency in Stirling when she received the curt response.

Posting the response to laugh at her own mistake, little did she realise how funny everyone else would find it.

Less than a week later her original tweet has more than 16,000 retweets, and her story has featured in a number of articles around the world.

"People keep replying to the original tweet, telling me how it's made their day and they've never laughed so much in their life, and that's so good to hear, especially how I was so unbelievably embarrassed at first," McNab told the Daily Mail.


"There's also a lot of people saying things like 'you should have got the job if you promised to make the chilli' and if only they were right, because I'm starting to believe they may not see me as a viable candidate now."

A consolation prize for the Scottish teen is that she was even contacted by the famous chef when he heard about the mistake.

Jamie Oliver himself tweeted the teen, saying his chilli should be able to land her the job.

"Brilliant you deserve the job that stew can do anything!!!" Oliver tweeted.

McNab responded: "I know right! Should have got the job just for introducing it to her!"

Despite the positive celebrity support, McNab told The Mirror she was still really embarrassed.

"I sent the application on Thursday and got the reply on Friday saying that the recipe was good but that a CV would be nice," McNab said.

"I just buckled over laughing in the street and had to tell my friends about it. I knew people would find it hilarious."

Her mistake, she told the paper, was that the recipe and her resume had similar names.

"Chilli was right next to CV on the computer. It's pretty funny and the response on Twitter has been overwhelmingly positive. I know it's silly."

McNab, who currently works at an insurance call centre, and said she didn't think she would send her real resume to the company.

"I think I'm too embarrassed now," McNab said.