Teen boy with Down syndrome's letter asking for a job goes viral

Addison Quinn, 16, is in search of a weekend job.
Addison Quinn, 16, is in search of a weekend job. Photo: Facebook/@Lisa Quinn

A 16-year-old boy who has Down Syndrome, wrote a letter asking for help finding a weekend job. The letter has since gone viral and the young man has been inundated with offers of work from local businesses.  

Addison Quinn, who lives in Erina, NSW, enlisted the help of his mum, Lisa Quinn to write the cover letter.

"I am currently looking for a job," he writes, "maybe 1-2 hours on the weekend."

Addison then outlines some of his many talents include: wiping tables, cleaning up and sweeping the floor.

"I have a great personality and get on with people," he pens, before noting that although he has trouble with speech he can follow short instructions.

Addison also shares that at home, he washes his own clothes, hangs them on the line, puts the rubbish out and feeds his dogs.

"I would love to have the chance to gain some work experience," the teen added.

When Ms Quinn posted the letter to Facebook, the Tuggerah Lakes Secondary College student received an outpouring of support, praise – and job offers. 

"Good luck Addison!!! Hope you land yourself a job soon, and one that makes you happy and leads onto bigger and greater opportunities! Wrote one commenter. "I admire your attitude, all the best!"


One mum shared her own son's experience working at Hungry Jacks. "He too has speech difficulties but that no way impedes his ability to flip burgers," she wrote.

One local café owner offered Addison some Saturday work writing, "We have a great community spirit and have live music weekends, I reckon he will dig it…"

A local events manager told Addison to get in touch, as did a hairdresser who wrote that the young man's "floor sweeping skills sound perfect!"

One couple from Queensland even offered to pay for Addison's uniform or training to help him in his quest for employment.

On Sunday, Addison's proud mum updated her Facebook page to share the news that her son had applied for a job at West Gosford McDonalds.

"Thank you so much everyone for the words of encouragement, Addison has had some amazing offers for jobs from such beautiful people, we are talking to him about his options. Will keep you posted," she wrote.