Turning paper into water: sisters sell origami to raise over $650,000 for wells

Sisters turn paper into water, raise over $650,000.
Sisters turn paper into water, raise over $650,000. Photo: Facebook

These two sisters are turning paper into water, literally.

Co-presidents of Paper for Water, Isabelle, 9, and Katherine Adams, 11, are selling origami to raise money to build clean water wells in impoverished countries.

All up, they have raised $650,000 for to "drill more than 70 wells around the globe," reports the Huffington Post.

Paper for Water ornaments.
Paper for Water ornaments.  Photo: Facebook

The girls' dad taught them origami and it has all stemmed from there.

"[Origami] started piling up around the house so [the girls] decided to have an event at Starbucks and sell ornaments to raise money for a water well," Adams told the Huffington Post.

According to their website, "The mission was born out of the desire that two little girls had to help other girls in 3rd world countries who do not get to go to school because they spend their days hauling water."

The event was held in November 2011 and their goal was to raise $500. Word spread, and they sold out on the night.

Paper for Water teamed up with the nonprofit Living Water International who identify where a well should be placed and the people who can look after it.

"And then a significant amount of health and sanitation training occurs," Adams said. "Retraining the community and providing them with the equipment necessary to make these changes is essential."


So, far Isabella and Katharine have helped fund wells in Kenya, Liberia, India, Ethiopia, Ghana, Mexico, Uganda, Peru and Zimbabwe.

"If everyone in this world helps a little, it all adds up to a lot," Isabelle told Good News Network.

Forty per cent of the money raised comes from selling their craft, and the rest is matched by donations. To find out more or to make a donation visit their website.