Would you take this nanny job for $162,000?

Julie Andrews as Mary Poppins
Julie Andrews as Mary Poppins Photo: Walt Disney Productions

While you might think a $162,000 salary would attract many a nanny looking for work, the applicants to this particular job had better get ready to give up their entire lives.

A family has gone to town on the list of attributes and requirements of job seekers in an ad published on UK childcare finder site, childcare.co.uk. Looking over the advertisement for a live-in nanny, posted by a family which divides its time across four international cities, the list grows increasingly unbelievable.

Starting off with a description of the family, all seems normal enough. 

"We are a friendly family of six with 4 children ages 2, 5, 7 and 15. We split our time between 4 residencies, which include London, Barbados, Cape Town and Atlanta."

Great, nothing to see here. Clearly high-flying executives.

The requirements list is where things get a little crazy, though the advertiser doesn't try to disguise the fact that the role is 'demanding.'


  • Highly qualified nanny with minimum 15 years experience
  • Must have psychology degree
  • No children
  • Must work a six days week, 7am to 8pm
  • Must fly internationally up to three times a week
  • Must assist the children during home schooling and oversee further studies
  • Must have clean drivers license in order to drive the family's Porsche, Maserati and Range Rover on family errands and to appointments
  • Must not binge drink or take drugs on their one day off
  • Must sign a non-disclosure agreement


  • Prefer the nanny to eat with the children at every Michelin star chef-prepared meal
  • Preferable trained in self-defence and if not, must undertake a course
Photo: childcare.co.uk

So if they need a psych degree and 15 years experience, they'd need to be a minimum age of about 33 to 37 years old. They would also not be able to conduct much of a social life and it's unlikely they could be partnered under such an arrangement.

Money talks however, and that's quite the salary considering personal expenses are so low. No time to shop, no time to spend, hardly any time in fact to have a life at all.

It's not that any one of the requirements, or even a few of them are unreasonable for such a job. It's the sum of them that seems rather unrealistic. Super nanny indeed, or perhaps a Mary Poppins; an entirely fictional person.