Teen girls feel pressure of social media ...

When to talk to teens about their future career

It’s hard to know when exactly is a good time to talk to your teen about their career direction or potential career choices. But, according to a recent Wall Street Journal article, a good time to start could be dinner time.

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Dealing with distance.

Parenting when your partner works away

When my husband broached the subject of working away from home for periods of time, I was nervous to say the least. With two boys, how would each of us cope?

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How do working parents juggle school holidays?

How do working parents manage school holidays?

As kids returned to school this week I could feel the sense of relief in the air and it caused me to once again question how full-time working parents manage child minding in the school holidays.

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10 ways working parents can help at school

Many working parents understand the benefits of being an active member of their child’s school community, but feel too time poor. When it comes to being involved outside of the usual ways, the key is communication. Here are ten ideas to get you started.

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Teens gain many life skills once they start their first job.

When should your teenager get a job?

School holidays are just around the corner and if your teen has a long summer ahead of hanging out on the couch, checking Facebook and lazing around the pool, it might be time for them to consider looking for part-time work.

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