10 ways working parents can help at school

Many working parents understand the benefits of being an active member of their child’s school community, but feel too time poor. When it comes to being involved outside of the usual ways, the key is communication. Here are ten ideas to get you started.

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Teens gain many life skills once they start their first job.

When should your teenager get a job?

School holidays are just around the corner and if your teen has a long summer ahead of hanging out on the couch, checking Facebook and lazing around the pool, it might be time for them to consider looking for part-time work.

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Reclaim your time with these tips from other mums.


Timesaving tips for running your household

Essential Kids members and full-time working mothers share their tips on how they juggle work, children, and getting everyone up and out the door every morning. On time!

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Fun for all ... Do parents really get free time?

The dream of parental free time

A mum considers the amount of free time we are "supposed" to have in a day, comparing the "ideal" schedule to one more of us live by.

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Natasha Stott Despoja with her husband, Ian Smith, and two kids, eight-year-old Conrad and five-year-old Cordelia, in Borneo.

Despoja on motherhood, politics and progress

In an interview with Essential Kids about her involvement in the conservation movement, Natasha Stott Despoja also spoke about life after politics and why she would never enter into the toxic environment that is parliament today.

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