Making time ... how to juggle work and a family.

Justine Davies

The relaxed mummy files: The work juggle

For those parents who have to deal with all of the other daily stresses, and work outside the home as well, there’s the extra work stress that gets added into the mix - and the fear that they aren't getting any dowtime just to play with their kids.

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A delicious meal in 15 minutes!

Work no barrier to cooking healthy meals

Working mums feeling guilty for not spending enough time cooking can rest easy. Research shows they are no less likely to provide healthy meals for their children.

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Working Mum with school-aged children

Holiday care is not a black and white issue for working mums

While holiday care is usually juggled by parents using a mix of relatives, friends and commercial programs, it is typically women who opt out of paid work or take lower-status, less-secure jobs to cover the eight-week gap between a worker's annual leave and 12 weeks of school holidays.

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