Adele admits her 4-year-old son loves to swear - just like her

 Photo: Getty Images

Adele's four-year-old son appears to be following in his famous mother's footsteps - only we're not talking about his singing talents.

Nope - little Angelo has inherited his mama's potty mouth, reports The Sun.

"My son swears at me," Adele told her audience during one of her recent concerts.

"What can I say? Everything I do, he does. He even calls me a 'bloody bumhead'.

"I'm like, 'Well, Mum says a lot worse, so ...'"

Yep, he's got you on a technicality there, Adele.

It's also nice to see Angelo stuck firmly in the toilet humour stage of preschool development. Bumhead is just the beginning, Adele - Poohead, Poobum, Bumbum ... ah, the combinations are endless. So much to look forward to!

It's not surprising, really, that little Angelo takes after his mama in the profanity department. 

We all know the British songstress doesn't hold back when it comes to her "colourful" use of language. In fact, as she valiantly fought an onslaught of bugs in Brisbane, multiple F-bombs were deployed. All the F-Bombs.

 The singer's liberal use of profanity featured in many a review of her recent shows too:


And if she's not swearing, she's apologising for swearing ...

We really shouldn't laugh, but look, if we're being honest, it's nice to know celebrity parents face the same challenges as us mere mortals.